Recap of my Travels (Part II)

Hey! I’m back with Part 2 of my travels. I hope you liked Part 1, and are ready for some more beautiful photos! 🙂 If you’re traveling to any of these cities and have any questions, drop me a line in the comments section below!

Well, here goes!

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Recap of my travels (Part I)

Hey! Welcome back and I hope you’re doing well. I’m back after a super long break, and I have here a small recap of my 8 month travel. (Although I had gone to France on work, I had the opportunity to travel around and make friends, for which I am glad).

I will, of course, be making this a two (or three) part thing, and don’t worry, I will upload the other parts of it really soon. For this series, I’ve decided to list out the cities I visited, and let the photos do the talking. Here goes, I hope you enjoy the virtual voyage! 🙂

  •  Morlaix (some beautiful pictures of my host family’s house, of the viaduc in Morlaix, and of the sea that stretches out as far as the eye can see)

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  • Alphen aan den Rijn (at my gret-aunt’s place in The Netherlands)

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  • Silkeborg (at my aunt’s place in Denmark, for Diwali 2016)

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  • Bruges (a Belgium tour for the waffles and fries, the week before Christmas. Incidentally, this was my favorite city, of the three that I visited in Belgium)
  • Brussels (I loved the Palace and the underground visit through the museum; it’s definitely worth a visit!)

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  • Ghent (a beautiful city, and our AirBnB host Olivia was such a nice person, I’m glad I met her!)

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  • Avignon (so glad I got to stay with Sonia, thank you so much! It was an amazing stay with you and Niraja 🙂 and the party and the music, as well as the milk shake – the best thing ever!)
  • Lyon (when in Lyon, climb up all the steps and get to the top of the hill – it’s totally worth it! And who knows, you’ll make new friends and get Pro at planning trips! 😉 )

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  • Bordeaux (shoutout to Shivani and her incredible host. I actually saw a real fireplace at her place. And I went shopping and found some cute stuff. If you want an address, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.)

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  • Aix-en-Provence (Taran, you’re so cute and I miss you! We need to meet soon. Thank you for having me over and taking me sight-seeing!
    Side note: The sun was out and it was nice and hot. So hot, in fact, that I got my feet tanned just by wearing cute belle shoes!)

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Well, there you have it. I hope you liked it and I’ll be back with the next set of photos. Leave me your comments below, tell me which city you liked best.

See you in a bit!







Vacationing – London : Day 1

I’m finally on holiday, and am in London at the moment. I’ve been on holiday since the 1st of May, but more on that later.

London eye


London. London London London. I’ve been here less than 24 hours and yet it feels like so much has happened. I left from Amsterdam at 20h30 on the 8th and was scheduled to arrive in London at 06h30 the next day. On the way we had a stop-over at Brussels (where we tried to find and use a loo but the only two that were there were closed at 23h). A while later we had to get out and go through customs on the French side of the French-English border, and then again on the English side. However, the coolest part was that we were traveling by bus and our bus went and parked inside a big train. We crossed the English channel in a bus inside a train!!

Anyway, we arrived in London almost 2 hours before our scheduled time (I think) so I was sort-of stranded in a new city at 04h45 in the morning. :/ Somehow I managed to buy a ticket (still no loos open at 05h30) and got to my hostel with my huge-ish bags. I left my stuff in the hold, freshened up, and got down to planning my day. I’ll add the link HERE.

I walked around for so long my back and feet were hurting (my laptop was still on my back because I hadn’t checked in to my hostel). I went into the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and attended a hearing ; So Cool, I know right?

After that I roamed around for a bit, but again, I’ll tell you about that later. (Important stuff here- remind me later about Platform 9 3/4 😉 ) Basically, I ended up in a place called Leicester Square and I found a theater poster for a play starring actor David Tennant . Now those of you who know me know I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, and that he’s starred in both. So obviously, I went into the theater to find out the show timings, etc etc and came out with a ticket to the evening show, scheduled for 19h30! Now I’d bought a standing ticket (which means I didn’t have a seat), but any way that I could see him live would be totally worth it! So ticket in hand, I came home, had lunch, got ready and left for the play. I couldn’t believe I’d be watching David Tennant live, that too, my very first day in London!

Once it started, I was standing to a side, watching the play. That is, until the interval, We had 15 minutes of break between the two halves and everyone was generally hanging around. As the second half was about to start, though, a lady came up to me and the man standing next to me and asked if we wanted to sit down. Where, you ask? Fourth row. Yes, I watched the second half sitting in the fourth row! I still can’t believe that I got this chance. It feels like a dream.

Here’s a picture I got of him while he was signing people’s posters. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture with him 😦



I’ve had a pretty eventful first day – in any city, I think. I’m stopping here for now but I’ll write back soon to tell you about the rest of my trip, as well as my last few weeks in Paris 🙂


Take care and see you soon!








10+ things I’m going to need to get used to back in India

Five months down, two more to go!

Even if I’ve never written it in one of my posts, I’m going to say it now: I really like living here, in France. There’s a whole world of difference between home and here, and even though at times I’m frustrated by it, I’ve gotten used to life here. So used to it, in fact, that I’m going to take some time to get used to life back in my own city!
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Winter break 2017

Today’s the last day of my winter break, and I’m not ready to go back to work yet. Nobody is, I’m sure. I’d love to just have an endless break (while getting paid, of course!) Now that my break’s over, here’s a small recap of what I’ve done. I loved every minute of it, and while it may seem like I lost out on travel time, I had my perfect vacation this February:

    1. Went to Bordeaux
    2. Visited Reims
    3. Stayed at home, relaxed, read a book, and only left the house if I wanted to


      100% accurate picture of me

    4. Watched a couple of movies and caught up on this series called Marseille (it’s French, and I’d recommend it as a one-time watch) Thank God for Netflix!
    5. Met cool, new people (my roommate’s friends)
    6. Hosted a couple of Indian friends myself
    7. Went to eat an Indian lunch at Gare du Nord in Paris with K, another Indian assistant, then chilled with some other assistant friends by the Seine. We grabbed some crepes for dinner (I had ham and cheese) and then I came home. Only to be reminded that I have work tomorrow.

Like I said, endless vacations, anyone?

Un apéro? Oui, j’y serai! (FR)

‘Mais attend! Un apéro, c’est qoui déjà? Mes voisins m’ont invité mais je n’ai AUCUNE idée quoi faire! Dois-je m’habiller comme j’allais fêter un anniversaire, ou puis-je porter un t-shirt?  Les voisins étaient très gentils et donc j’ai accepté mais POURQOUIII? Je suis trop bête!’, vous vous dites.


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An Apéro? Sure, I’ll be there! (Eng)

Wait. WHAT? What is an apéro? I’ve accepted my French neighbor’s invitation, but I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to do! Do I dress up, or go in jeans and a tee? Do I take something or go empty handed? Why did I say yes? Must’ve been too tired to comprehend what I was doing!


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A weekend in Bordeaux

Day 0 : Arrival in Bordeaux

This last weekend I had gone to Bordeaux. A friend from Pune (she is also an English Language assistant this year – yes, you guessed it right, at Bordeaux) very graciously hosted me. I arrived in Bordeaux late at night (yes, 21h is late enough) but surprisingly, I didn’t mind being outside for a while. It was a warmer place compared to Paris, and I was glad for the warmth.

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